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Remote secretary

A service designed to allow entrepreneurs and professionals to stay focused on their activities without taking on the responsibility of managing routine communications with their customers, suppliers and third parties.
Every telephone contact, incoming or outgoing, is handled with extreme care by a reliable resource who takes care of filtering every phone call and organizing commitments and appointments.
The ideal solution to reduce fixed costs, optimize the use of human resources and above all present oneself in an impeccable way.

If you need:

  • Of a resource that is always available, open all day from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 19:00.

  • To personalize the welcome message of each call, to define an approach and a communication line consistent with your image.

  • To support the management of the agenda and appointments, to contact customers to remind them of payment deadlines or to recover your credits.

  • That your calls are forwarded to a landline or mobile number and in case of your unavailability a memo is produced available on a shared area.

  • A resource that works alongside your direct team and takes care of managing telephone flows, allowing other resources to remain focused on activities with higher added value.

Rate according to your needs

The rates we have studied are able to meet the needs of any company.

From startups to large and established companies, law firms, specialized or family doctors' offices, real estate companies, condominium administrators or commercial agents.

The remote secretary is the ideal and cheapest solution to support you and help create a reliable and structured image of your business.

Break down fixed costs

Reduce costs without sacrificing competence and professionalism.
The reason why many of our customers prefer to use our remote secretarial service is not only linked to the reduction of fixed costs but also to the greater flexibility that this solution presents compared to the classic hiring of a secretary, even part time.


Do we investigate your need?

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