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Cuffie per call center


Customer base analysis

We analyze your customer base and the users of your website to identify the market segments with the highest potential and conversion. 

Strengthen the sales network

You can add the expertise of our telesales consultants to your sales network in order to optimize market presence, telesales is a very powerful tool for companies that want to expand their customer base.


We extract lists of potential target customers potentially interested in your products and services from the best authorized databases in full compliance with the GDPR and the privacy legislation.

Automated management

The integration between campaigns Google Ads & Social Adv and Telesales allows you to automate, and optimize the effectiveness of campaigns and to improve the acquisition of new customers and increase sales.

Listening to needs

Our approach facilitates the full understanding of the needs of customers and potential customers allowing to establish a relationship of trust, offer a personalized service and facilitate future upselling and loyalty actions.

Velocity recall

The velocity recall service takes care of immediately recalling "hot" leads who have shown interest in a product or service (incoming from the website or campaigns) to offer them information and clarifications or support for the purchase.

Do we investigate your need?

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