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Debt Collection

Debt collection is an important process for businesses, as it allows you to recover the sums owed and to prevent the debt from becoming insolvent.
One of the most effective credit recovery strategies is soft credit recovery because it focuses less aggressively on strengthening the customer's ability to pay debt without putting the customer relationship at risk.

Protection of the relationship with the customer

Soft debt collection is a less aggressive and less costly process than other debt collection strategies, such as statutory debt collection. Furthermore, soft credit recovery can be customized according to the debtor's needs and can be carried out in a way that minimizes the risk of default.

The relationship with the customer is preserved, a credit recovery force particularly suitable for small businesses, professionals, doctors and lawyers.

Customized on the debtor's needs

The debt collection process can be customized according to the needs of the debtor.
For example, the debtor can choose to receive alerts via email or text message on their mobile phone.
The collection process can be suspended or modified to reduce financial stress and without going through a collection agency.

Multi-channel approach

Our staff is trained to use all the channels that the digital world makes available to us (letters, email, telephone, social media). We may also use your debt collection software and systems. Stay up to date with our periodic reports.

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