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Are you looking for new clients?

We do it all!

We identify the target to be reached, the approach and the most suitable acquisition channels to use. We test and monitor every aspect of the process to get highly profiled leads and optimize sales conversion . 

Want to manage them better?

We help you!

Our virtual assistants can help you with customer relationship management and are able to complete any sales or after-sales task through any channel.

Generate new business opportunities

Our goal is to increase the number of leads from your potential customers, increase interest in your business and make more sales. To do this, it is necessary to get in touch with every single potential customer in target and make them perceive the value of your products or services.

Qualification and conversion

To increase conversion rates it is essential to correctly qualify every single opportunity. If your organization is structured in different sales channels (key accounts, agents, telesales) we qualify every single potential in order to assign it to the most suitable commercial structure.
We are able to support you with our outbound structure if you want to integrate your sales force with a telesales business.

Multichannel strategy

We are convinced that the best method to build a stable and lasting relationship with a potential customer is to place him at the center of our attention using different communication channels, those that our experience and technology makes available to us. The complementarity of communication channels is a value for us.

We do it all!

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