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Remote salesperson

Do you think you need an army of sales people to boost your company's revenues? Think again!

The remote sales assistant is the ideal collaborator to entrust with any task related to the sale or the preparation of estimates.
It takes care of customer relations through different channels (email, phone, SMS and social media, video conferencing) and represents your brand.
It is independent from the geographical position, speaks several languages, is already trained.
A virtual assistant in charge of sales and sales support activities allows you to dedicate your time to the "core" functions that directly affect the turnover of your business.

An economical and flexible sales force

You simply pay for the services provided to your company!
The ideal solution to reduce fixed costs, costs related to benefits, costs of recruiting, training and those related to the physical location.

The remote commercial assistants are flexible in number and hours, adapting to the needs and evolutions of your company.

If your business is seasonal you will use more resources only when your business requires it.

360 ° productivity

Unlike an internal resource, who likely has unique sales expertise, virtual assistants have diverse skills. This means that you can rely on your remote assistant with additional tasks beyond sales; for example, it can help you with administrative work, managing the loading of orders, updating your CRM, managing caring or retention activities.

We are ready

Bringing sales talent into your business is fast and inexpensive. Our consultants are already available and after an adequate training course on your products, services and information systems they can begin to increase your sales. This is also a nice saving!

Do we investigate your need?

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